You are not alone! We offer material assistance because we care. It takes more than emotional support when it comes to an unexpected pregnancy. You are faced with real physical needs if you decide to move forward with parenting.

Whether you are in a tight financial situation or would just like extra support, talk to us today to learn more about our material support at Hope Medical. Our team will do our best to help meet your needs.

Supplies Boutique

Please contact our center today and set up an appointment if you could use a helping hand as you provide for your little one(s). We have a supplies boutique at both of our centers, stocked with gently used items for you and your baby. We offer these supplies free of charge, for a limited number of visits.

Earning Points

In order to shop in the supplies boutique at both of our centers, we have created an “Earn While You Learn Program,” where you earn points to shop at our boutiques! You and your partner can also earn points by attending our other two groups, Bridges and Father Factor. You’ll earn points that can be used to “buy” special baby necessities.

Ask more about how you can participate in Earn While You Learn by contacting our team today!

Other Resources

Choosing to parent can seem like a massive responsibility, but we can help. We can connect you to other programs and organizations in the community to help meet the needs of you and your child. Being a parent, whether you planned it or not, is a lot to take on so we’ll provide you with a list of resources and point you in the direction of organizations that can best assist you.

No matter what you decide to do next, you are not alone. Our team is here to support you.