At Heartbeat Hope Medical, we provide confidential services, including free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds to confirm if your pregnancy is viable. We also offer abortion education, post-abortion care, information on STIs and STDs, and community referrals.

Making a decision about your pregnancy starts with getting accurate information. Don’t panic. You have time to get the answers you need to help you make the best decision. Contact us whether you are considering abortion, parenting, adoption, or simply need more information.

Who We Are

Heartbeat Hope Medical is a registered 501(c)3 and provides free, confidential services at our centers in Seneca and Sandusky County, Ohio. We have a medical director, executive director, and board of directors who oversee the services provided by our staff and volunteers.

Our History

We’ve been serving Sandusky County and the surrounding area for 40 years. And we are proud to now be serving in Seneca County. Our goal has always been to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual assistance to the thousands of women in our communities facing pregnancy and sexual health-related issues.