How Do You Feel About Abortion?

If you’re considering abortion as an option, we believe you deserve to have truthful information to make an informed decision. Abortion is a serious medical procedure that can have a lifelong impact both physically and emotionally.

You owe it to yourself to understand the details. Read about abortion procedures, side effects, and potential risks.

What Are The Different Types Of Abortion?

Abortion procedures are determined by the number of weeks you’ve been pregnant. Are you confident you know an accurate date? If not, we encourage you to get an ultrasound examination. There are two types of abortion: medical and surgical.

Medical Abortion

Medical abortion can only be performed if you’ve been pregnant for 10 weeks or less. The abortion pill is a form of medical abortion. In spite of its name, the procedure requires you to take two powerful drugs.

Healthy pregnancies need a hormone called progesterone to stay implanted to the uterine wall and grow. The first drug in the abortion pill method blocks the production of progesterone so the pregnancy can no longer stay attached. The second drug starts contractions so your body expels the pregnancy.

Surgical Abortion

A surgical abortion is performed in a clinic. The type of surgery you have is determined by the number of weeks you’ve been pregnant. Surgeries range from a vacuum aspiration to removing pregnancy tissue by scraping the uterine wall or using forceps.

Because surgical abortions are more invasive, they have much greater risks. To learn more about procedures, side effects, and potential risks, take a closer look at the Abortion Option.

Abortion Costs

On average, abortion in Ohio can range anywhere from $350 to $1,410. The cost depends on the number of weeks you’ve been pregnant which also determines which procedure you can have.

Medical Abortion (the abortion pill)

10 weeks or less. Anywhere from $350 – $650

Surgical Abortions

11 to 12.6 weeks        $650
13 to 13.6  weeks      $800
14 to 14.6 weeks      $950
15 to 15.6 weeks       $1,000
16 to 16.6 weeks       $1,175
17 to 17.6 weeks       $1,200
18 to 18.6 weeks      $1,250
19 to 19.6 weeks      $1,400

Ultrasound only     $200

Your Bill of Rights

The National Institutes of Health lists the Patient Bill of Rights. In addition, ask for the name of the doctor in charge. Find out if the doctor is licensed and board-certified. Also, find out if there are malpractice cases or disciplinary actions against the doctor.

Learn More About The Side Effects and Risks

Abortion is one of your options for your unplanned pregnancy. In order to make a confident decision that abortion is the right choice for you, learn about the procedures, side effects, and potential risks. We list them on our Abortion Option page.